About This Offering

Breathalyser Nigeria provides verities of safety solutions such as drugs and alcohol test devices and speed enforcement devices. Our solutions help address the challenges of DUI and its negative impact on the road, at workplace and schools. Hospitals and laboratories are good candidates for our products. The test devices are innovative and high quality tailored to clients’ specific drugs, alcohol and speed enforcement needs.

Our products are CE and ISO certified and listed on the conforming products list of evidential breath measurement devices in the united states NHTSA and approved by the US Department of Transport (DOT).

With our measurement superior breathalyzers, you are completely sure of detecting anyone driving and working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Back to Back Offering

We offer back to back breathalyzer services to all our clients starting from:

  • Discuss and agree your breathalyzer needs
  • Supply suitable breathalysers
  • Provide intensive training (Optional)
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Installation of back office software for proper Chain of Control (CoC) (optional)

Our Clients

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