The Alcovisor Jupiter evidential breathalyzer grade is a fuel cell device that offers alcohol confirmatory test result with exceptional test accuracy. With ability to input information such drivers/staff bio date, vehicle plate number, driver’s license, the alcohol test device is a device of choice for researchers, law enforcement agents, rehabilitation home, hospitals, safety officers, schools etc. those under the influence cannot escape the detection power of Alcovisor Jupiter. The devise is approved by the United States Department of Transport (US DOT), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and NHTSA.

Important Features


    • Built-in Printer
    • Positive Air Blank technology 
    • Built-in GPS 
    • 65,000 tests records stored in memory 
    • 2″ Touch Screen with stylus 
    • Mouthpiece can be automatically ejected 
    • USB PC connection
Alcovisor Jupiter Technical Details
Sensor Fuel Cell
Working Temp 10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to 70°C
Size 19.5 x 7.9 x 3.5cm
Weight 433g including battery
Battery 7.4V 2,000mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery
Battery Life 700 tests
Memory 65,000 tests records including all information
Display 3.2″ TFT colour touch screen (65,000 colors)
Sampling System Automatically or manually takes a lung sample
Optional Power Supply 12 volt car adapter or AC 6 volt adapter
Clock Real time clock
Units of Measure BrAC: mg/L, or any other units
Bac: grm%, mg/ml, mg/100ml, or any other units
Detection Range 0 mg/100mL – 500 mg/100mL
Accuracy +/-5%
GPS 5M range
Printer Thermal Printer
Connection Type USB



Standard package of Alcovisor Jupiter includes:


    • One Alcovisor Jupiter Device with built in Printer
    • One waterproof carrying case
    • One passive sampling cup
    • One charger
    • Two rechargeable batteries
    • One downloading cable
    • One charging cable
    • 6 thermal paper rolls
    • Calibration Certificate

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