• Android powered technology
  • Rapid sample collection process
  • Touchscreen
  • 100,000 results memory storage
  • Robust Design
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Carry Around


AquilaScan oral fluid screening analyser is an exceptional drug screening device used for quick qualitative detection of banned drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Codeine, Methadone etc. the device leverage on Enzyme immunoassay (EIA); a proven and reliable methodology for routine drug testing. 

Once oral fluid sample is obtained in the right quantity via the cassette, the cassette is inserted into the analyzer unit and within minutes test results are clearly displayed in real-time.

 Aquilascan oral drug fluid mobile test device was created to the high demands of law enforcement agencies, workplace environment, schools, treatment centers and researchers

With an intuitive test process, the Aquilascan Oral drug fluid mobile test device is incredibly easy to use in any environment and at anytime. The system is touch screen and writeable by stylus pen or finger. It is super light weight weighing less than 450g, portable and compact with a full colour screen that can be read either in day or at night.

Rapid oral fluid collection are easy to obtain while in the field and less invasive than urine or blood sampling. The observed collection process limits adulteration and tempering concern.

The analyser can store 100,000 results which can be printed at the end of the test or reprinted from the memory. The test data can be downloaded to the optional Aquilascan software Application Suite for enhanced data management capabilities.

Technical Specification


4.3″ Touch Screen

Operating System



20.9 x 9 x 5.64cm


443.8g (with thermal printer)

413.9 (with bluetooth printer)


7.4V / 1800mA Lithium Battery

Battery Life

350 tests (with printing)

1000 tests (without printing)


1.3 Mega Pixel


256MB SDRAM, 4GB Flash Memory


50,000 tests records

Working Temperature

-50 C to – 50 0 C

Storage Temperature

-250 C – 70 0 C






Built-in Thermal Printer


WIFI and 3G


Available Test Cassette

The Aquilascan Oral drug fluid mobile test device is used with sample collection cassette and this is available in 7 panel test cassette.

7 Panel Test Cassette
S/No Testable Drugs
1 AMP Amphetamines
2 BZO Benzodiazepines
3 COC Cocaine
4 OPI Opiates
5 MET D-Methamphetamine
6 THC Hashish, Marijuana
7 MTD Methadone


Standard package of Aquila Scan Device includes:

  • Aquila Scan Saliva Drug Device with inbuilt printer
  • One carrying box
  • 20 pieces of 7-Panel Cassette
  • Two rechargeable battery
  • One downloading cable
  • 5 thermal paper rolls

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