Anyone wishing to perform breath alcohol testing must be trained as a Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). It is a requirement as operator may have to demonstrate when required by the court that they have been duly trained and certify to operate the test device.

The BAT candidate must understand and demonstrate proficiency in the alcohol testing procedures. The training must include both comprehensive procedural instruction and an equipment proficiency demonstration specific to the manufacturer and model of the breath alcohol testing device being used.

The student equipment proficiency demonstration must be observed “live” by the BAT instructor.Our training manual has been packaged carefully to equip you with all you need to know about our test device. 

Mode of training

We offer classroom and on-site Breath Alcohol Users Training.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Requirements

There are specific DOT drug and alcohol training requirements necessary to become a professional drug or alcohol testing professional.

  • If you are training to become a breath alcohol technician, you must specifically train on the DOT approved breath alcohol instrument you are using to conduct tests, and demonstrate proficiency in the use of that instrument.
  • You must be able to successfully perform a series of error-free mock tests. Mock tests simulate a real test, covering various testing scenarios, proper documentation, and instructions to the test subject.
  • You must complete refresher training every 3 years.